Smart Chemistry Smart Future

SMART CHEMISTRY SMART FUTURE returns to Expoquimia 2017 with an ambitious, innovative project which aspires to put it once again at the Show's media and institutional epicentre.

SMART CHEMISTRY SMART FUTURE provides a meeting and presentation point for the Spanish chemical industry. A forum that showcases the vital contribution made by the industry to economy and employment, while highlighting its leadership in addressing and attaining the United Nations' sustainable development goals.

Chemistry's essential contribution to society

Smart Chemistry Smart Future hosts a unique exhibition that showcases chemistry's enormous capacity to improve and change our world through innovative solutions in the major issues that affect our lives.

The contribution by chemical innovation to sustainable development and global solutions.

Under the concept SMART WORLD, the solutions contributed by the chemical industry to the world will be addressed, highlighting such pressing challenges as sustainable water management, energy efficiency, access to a growing demand for food, or the contribution to environmental protection through the Circular Economy:

» Water Solutions

Innovative solutions for sustainable water management. Chemistry plays an essential role in water purification. With its materials and applications for the water treatment industry, chemistry also enables safe reuse of this valuable resource.

» Energy Efficiency Solutions

Materials and applications that increase the energy efficiency of processes and applications. Chemistry also provides solutions for energy storage and enables effective use of renewable energies.

» Feed the World

With a world population that will reach 8 billion people in 2025, providing enough food and assuring its quality is quite a challenge. The different applications of chemicals in food and nutrition are one of science's most important contributions to improving our quality of life.

» Environment & Circular Economy

A viable, sustainable future depends on efficient use and reuse of resources. The solutions for closing resource loops come from the chemical industry.

The contribution by chemistry to innovative solutions aimed at
improving each individual's quality of life.

Under the concept SMART LIFE, the solutions provided by chemistry to people in their everyday lives to improve their quality of life will be addressed, focusing on such essential areas as health and hygiene, the new technologies, efficient, sustainable transport, or smart buildings:

» Health Care

Antiseptics, disinfectants, materials and biomaterials for medical applications, customized drugs... chemistry's contributions in the fields of health and hygiene play a key role in our lives.

» Technologies 4U

Without the solutions and materials provided by the chemical industry, communications and information technology would not be possible as we know them today; they also drive their rapid progress, shaping how we live.

» Move Smart

New materials to make vehicles lighter and more fuel-efficient, advanced fuel developments, solutions for batteries and energy storage... chemistry is essential for efficient, sustainable transport.

» Smart Building

In an increasingly populated, urban world, chemistry plays a fundamental role in making our cities better places in which to live and work. With its materials and applications, chemistry contributes to improving buildings' energy efficiency, designing more sustainable homes and improving visual and acoustic aspects.

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Project Coordination
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